Dewy Skin products are silky smooth, rich, luxurious and naturally anti-aging using only the finest ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Antioxidants, Botanicals, Vitamins, Minerals, fruit and nut butters. Here's what our Clients say about our products:

Facial Treatments ~ “So quenching for my skin; leaves it glowing” ▪ ”A product I will use for life!” ▪ “Does not cause breakouts unlike other High End products” ▪ “Lasts all day without making my skin oily” ▪ “Feels so great and smells so good, makes me love putting on sunblock” ▪ “I can really tell it's working” ▪ “Feels and smells so luxurious”

Body Butters ~ “Makes my legs absolutely silky. It's heavenly!” ▪ “Smells just as lovely as any high-end beauty product. Feminine, but not overpowering” ▪ “I’ve *honestly* never used a body cream that worked better-ever, from any store, anywhere” ▪ “Soft and whipped and smells good enough to eat!!!” ▪ “Soooo Yummy. SOOOOOOO Moisturizing without being Greasy!” ▪ “Texture reminds me of cake frosting! Seriously hard not to just eat it” ▪ “All I need is a little bit”

Cleansers ~ “Has just the right amount of lather and my face feels really clean afterwards” ▪ “Awesome for sensitive skin” ▪ “Gentle and non-irritating but really cleans my face” ▪ “No unnecessary chemicals”

Owner Lora Dansker is passionate about skin care. Her journey started as a pimple faced New York teenager in the 70s dreaming of clear skin when, during a trip to Boston, she discovered a natural cosmetic line that basically said “Safe and healthy skin care is safe and healthy enough to eat”. With that, Lora started grinding all sorts of vitamins, minerals and herbs and putting them on her skin. Then she discovered Hyaluronic Acid (“HA”). Don’t let the name fool you. HA has no relation to the harsh qualities we associate with the word “acid”, but is rather a ‘safe for all’ humectant that is naturally produced in the human body. Today, we think of HA as the miracle ingredient in the cosmetic filler, Restylane Derma Filler. However, used topically, HA is known to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase hydration, improve elasticity and reverse free radical damage. Every skin type, even oily, can benefit from HA. In fact, back in the day, HA miraculously calmed, smoothed, balanced and evened out the color and texture of Lora’s blemished skin. Lora was and is truly a fan of HA. During all of this, Lora’s mother was constantly studying and practicing gourmet cooking via magazines featuring Julia Childs and Craig Claiborne - there was no internet then.  Lora was the ‘Sous Chef” by default and later on, became an excellent chef herself which currently influences and enhances every batch of product, all of which she personally formulates and mixes by hand.